Black women least desired dating block centric

I'm talking about nature. Where are these "studies" you speak of? It's all about genetic inferiority and white men understand that they are genetically inferior to black men. However, I do think there is some truth to what you said about the "tough girl act".

I have met very few girls that have this "attitude" that you just described. Or maybe curls that hang down, some girls can even pull off some of the crazier hair styles. You come off as obnoxious and egotistical. And no matter how fast the greyhound runs, it will never catch that rabbit.

Black girls wear braids and cornrows because they are protective styles and they promote hair growth. We dont care if we are the last choice. Black women definitely have to take ownership in other areas, but not this one.

I like every man meaning It doesnt matter if he is white, hispanic, asian if he is good for me. Show AllShow Less Asker Black girls see that their mothers are very strong and opinionated because they have to overcompensate for not having a man to help them raise kids.

I am just thinking logically. These are questions that numbers alone cannot answer. It's very true that white men used to burn down entire black communities if a black man was accused of sleeping with a white woman.

Why can't you focus on the positive and appreciate the fact that most of us aren't pushovers. While i agree with some of the things that you're saying you're deluding yourself to some degree.

What's telling though is that you choose to put the blame on the black man who may or may not have actually slept with a white woman instead of the racist white terrorists who actually destroyed the black communities.

And if I was a man of another culture, and I was looking at these numbers? Based on the above data, black women love and support black men. You may not mean to cape for white but when you ignore or dismiss their oppression of your own people that's exactly what you're doing.

White men are shocked. Black woman choosing a white man has nothing to do with white supremacy.

Why are black girls the least desirable?

And the black man is the rabbit they want, that keeps running away. Do black men despise black women? Yet, black men rate black women as the least desirable.

My wife was healed and I won the lottery, i bought a house and I am living happily with my wife and daughter now. Every cause for the issues that you listed above is rooted in white supremacy.

That is why you see a lot of black girls with either short hair or weaves, wigs, and hair extensions it's because their hair got burned off from heat and chemicals. You list all of these reasons for why the rates of wm-bw pairings are low except the main reason which is race.

Thats why when a black woman is open about dating white men. Is this a major causality for black women not getting married? OKCupid study several thousand subjects showing black women responding to white men the highest of all female races' higher than white women, higher than Asian, etc and white men, diametrically, responding to black women's messages among the lowest of all races' of men tied for Asian men with lowest response rate to black women of all women.May 04,  · Best Answer: Black are the least desired race of Women are those online studies RACIST or Brute facts of Reality?

I will begin with Black is a COLOR,,next i would like to inquire as to least desired by WHOM?.RACIST can be a Noun or an adjective a label for a person who exhibit in behavior or emotion or Status: Resolved. Mar 24,  · White man/Black women least likely to result in divorce Discussion in 'The Interracial Relationship Forum' started by Lawanda, Mar 2, Black women are the least desirable among all women.

Black men responded mostly to women of other races, even though black women were 3 times more likely to respond. Black women are the least replied-to group. Sep 07,  · MIsleading. Black women just prolong divorce with white men because studies say black women are desperate (OKCupid says black women are least desired by white men yet have the highest desire for white men = desperation), and women generally initiate divorce first.

Blackmen are gay, there is a white standard of beauty, white women want to look like black women, white men desire black women, white supremacy, abusive Blackmen, etc, etc, etc, are all cited as the cause of black women being allegedly marginalized, overlooked, and targeted.

Dating And The Plight Of The Black Woman – Part I

I surveyed some guys and girls of varying race, class, and age (). Out of all the other races and genders of those races, black women were the least open to interracial relationships and inter-religious relationships, and several other things which guys listed as unappealing.

Black women least desired dating block centric
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